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Seeing is believing!  Check out these video clips that are sure to get the attention of your students.  I put a sample clip below.  Click here to see more.
Do you work on different computers?  Perhaps you go back and forth between your home computer and your school issued laptop...trying to remember which computer you saved your work on.  Ever find that you've left your flash drive behind and don't have access to the documents you need?  I've been there myself.  Then I discovered Dropbox.  With Dropbox, I always have access to my files from any computer I use or even my iPod Touch.  This would also be a great tool to introduce your students to that would help them stay organized and always have access to their work. The free account gives you 2 GB of storage space.  To learn more click here.
I follow the Ed Chat conversation on Twitter which is basically made up of educators talking about ways to enhance teaching and learning.  I came across this link in Ed Chat and wanted to share it.  There are several great instructional technology tools on this list.  Check it out here.
We have several MASE faculty members who are iPhone users.  I came across this article a few weeks back and thought I'd share it.  Click here to check out the top apps.
This website is loaded with online resources for both teachers and students.  This site has everything from lesson plans to research tools.  Check it out here.
Interesting report on using mobile devices as learning tools.
Apperson Educational Products is giving away up to $1,500 each month to help fund school or classroom needs.  In order to get the money, your idea or project must get the highest number of votes for the month.  Pretty simple!  Click here to learn more or enter.
Ms. Francis has used Weebly to create the new website for our Middle School!  You can check the site out here.  Great job Ms. Francis!
I came across this post and wanted to share it.  As classroom teachers, we struggle with acquiring up-to-date textbooks.  This post shares a site where free textbooks can be viewed and some even downloaded for classroom use.  Check it out here.
There's no doubt in my mind that we have the talent here at MASE to win this contest.  Check out the link from eInstruction here.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help with your contest music video!